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Latitude & Longitude
Zip Codes & Mailing
Standardized Address by US Postal Office and US Census, Zip9, Carrier Route
Parcel Data
APN, Deed, Description, Land Use, Lot Size, Building Size, Beds/Baths, Story, Year, Built(Parcel ownership and assessment data is available via USgeocoder API)
Political Jurisdictions
& Elected officials
117th Congressional District and Representatives, US Senators, State Governor and Lt. Governor, Other State Executives (SOS, AG & Treasurer), 2021 State Upper House District and State Senators, 2021 State Lower House and State Assembly Members aka House Delegates in many states.
Local Districts
County, County Subdivision, Tribal Land, Municipal (incorporated city or town), Voting District, School Districts
US Census Geography
Census Track, Block Group, Census Block, Census Block, Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), Combined Statistical Areas (CSA) Urban or Rural Area
Sales Tax
State, County, Municipality (Incorporated City) and Special District Tax Rate, Jurisdiction and Tax Code Information.