How to Get Started

USgeocoder API is available to authorized subscribers only. Please follow these steps to become a subscriber.

1. Sign up at USgeocoder.com for a free 2-week trial.
First please provide a user name, password, contact name, e-mail address, phone number, company name.

Then choose the desired items you would like to return from USgeocoder API to your application.
2. After registration, USgeocoder generates and e-mails to you an unique key with account login information to our Online Control Panel.
You must include this unique key through the API as parameters to get authenticated. Please see our API Integration Guide for details.
3. When USgeocoder Engine receives a request from your server, it first authenticates your identity. After successful authentication, USgeocoder will process the request and return your desired information back to your application.
If authentication fails, the request will be denied.
4. After free 2-week trial period, you will need to subscribe to USgeocoder API in order to continue using the API service.
5. You can view activities and manage account and billing information by logging on to the control panel on USgeocoder.com

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