USgeocoder API

Address Geocoding

Geocoding is the process of assigning a precise latitude and longitude to a location on the face of the earth. The resulting point of intersection is the location's "Geocode".

When receiving a street address and 5 digital zip code for a particular location, USgeocoder uses proprietary algorithm to geocode its location and produce the latitude and longitude geocode coordinates for the location.

USgeocoder API offers XML REST based communication style, making it more compatible with and easier to integrate into most web applications. Following is the sample XML output for Latitude and Longitude request:

 [geo_info] => Array
    [geo_status] => Match Found
    [latitude] => 36.9738055604577
    [longitude] => -122.031029639452

USgeocoder Engine is hosted in a co-location facility in a SAS70 Type 2 and PCI audited zone 4 seismic compliant facility located on a major optical fiber trunk in the center of Silicon Valley. The center is under 24 hour guard and requires biometric authentication for entry. Its state-of-the-art redundant systems assure power availability, temperature and humidity control and security.

When you connect to USgeocoder API, you are assured to have the most accurate and up-to-date information! USgeocoder engine uses proprietary methods to seamlessly integrate multiple data sources such as US Postal System delivery data and US TIGER Census data. USgeocoder is loaded with the most recent US TIGER Census files within a few days of release. Our U.S. Postal records are updated monthly. We also update our elected officials database once every month.

You can find information about USgeocoder API in the USgeocoder API Integration Guide. To find out the latitude and longitude for a particular address, please take a test drive with our Live Demo or take a look at the sample API data output.

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